Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Three Musketeers :3

Yuhuuuuu ~(ˇωˇ~) ~(ˇωˇ)~ (~ˇωˇ)~
I've just watched it this afternoon :3
Overall, it's a quite good film, and he's dashing as I expected haha. He plays as d'Artagnan (>̯-̮<)
Although it has taken all of my money away (˘̩̩̩-˘̩ƪ) and I got hungry for two hours -_-"
But it's alright :)

the one on the left :*

And, for you, who has fallen asleep,
Happy eight, Dear♡♥

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hi there :)
Finally, after all this time, I make a new blog, and NOT the private one haha.
Mm, Let me introduce my self,
I'm just a high school student, age 17, living an extraordinary life,
A dreamer, having a great desire to travel around the world♡♬
Can't wait to watch The Three Musketeers starring Logan Lerman, and I'm sure he'll be extremely dashing :'3
and lately I'm addicted to British accent, so that's why I'm deeply in love with Harry Potter and Narnia :*

Yeah well, that's me♥